Install, Remove

Instructions for installing and uninstalling the game
To uninstall the game on, you can apply the following instructions for each operating system:
– Android OS
From home (launcher) -> Settings -> Apps -> Select the game should be deleted -> uninstall (uninstall) -> Confirm uninstall (YES / OK) -> Press OK again to finish.
– Operating system iOS
Tap and hold on the hand icon to uninstall the game. The application icon will move simultaneously, on each app’s icon will also add symbols Delete – Delete (X). Click on logo symbols need to uninstall the game. -> OK
– Symbian (Java)
Menu Tools> Manager> Select the application to uninstall and click Remove selected Options. Or use a file manager program on the program installation folder is usually located at> System> Apps> Delete.
If you do not have here, you can use a file manager program on the installation location C: or E:> System> Apps> Remove program name