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How to use CloudBoost

People who use and love UC Browser are in for a treat when they use the UC Browser latest update! UC Browser now offers CloudBoost to help you store documents, mobile bookmarks, and other important information you don’t want to lose while working or surfing on-the-go.

How to Access and Use CloudBoost

Once users open UC Browser, they click MENU, and then click SETTINGS. Users may enable Network or Wi-fi, and they have the option of using both if desired.

How to use CloudBoost
Choose ” Settings”
How to use CloudBoost
Select items to share, store documents

Users may upload documents, pictures, videos, or music, and there is even a place for temporary files to be stored, should the need arise. Users get 2 gigs of storage space, which is more than they may imagine. This is especially useful for students, who sometimes forget to carry flash drives or small storage devices with them. With CloudBoost, you can store that important paper you’re working on, upload a video you need to edit, or listen to music you like while you study, all from UC Browser CloudBoost. It saves data and money too!

When users install and download the latest UC Browser, they’re getting CloudBoost access.
Cloudboost saves money and data by compressing files and storing everything in a cloud server, so everything is safe and secure. Cloudboost saves data, battery life, and money for users. UC Browser users need to update their version of UC Browser so they may take full advantage of Cloudboost technology. Fast mode is good, but Cloudboost makes it better. It’s that simple! Safe, secure browsing with cloud storage technology, security, and faster downloads, all in one convenient location! This is part of the reason behind why UC Browser is fast becoming a leader in third-party browsing applications, for both desktop computers and mobile devices and phones. UC Browser wants their users to have the best experience possible, and that is exactly what Cloudboost does! Whether you need speed or a safe place to store data offline, Cloudboost is a boon to the browsing world!
With UC Browser, users get the best of everything—cloud computing, safety, a secure place to store all sorts of files they need or want, and ad-blocking software to keep them safe and make browsing lightning-fast. What more could anyone possibly want in a browser? They also have a vast and artistic wallpaper and themes gallery to personalize the browsing experience even more. With UC Browser, users get the absolute best of everything, right on their PC or mobile phone. What’s not to love?
Down the latest UC Browser today to take advantage of CloudBoost technology!

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