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How to enable night mode in UC Browser

UC Browser application has many useful features that leave other browsers behind in the dust. Often, when people are out for an evening, whether it is dinner with friends, a late night date, or simply working late, they may need to use UC Browser application on their phone or, if at work, their computer. To save their eyesight and boost energy savings (smart and environmentally responsible!) they may enable something within UC Browser called Night Mode.

How to Enable Night Mode for UC Browser Application

Here’s how it works:

Once the UC Browser is downloaded and installed, simply click the menu button.

How to Enable night mode in uc browser
Click the menu button

Then click the little moon-shaped button in the lower right of the UC Browser bar.

How to Enable night mode in uc browser
Click the little moon-shaped button

The night mode is enabled now!

How to Enable night mode in uc browser
The night mode is enabled

The default setting, when first opened, may be set to 100% brightness. This can easily be changed simply by sliding the bar back toward the left, to reduce the brightness of the screen. Many people leave it at 100% to help their eyesight, but some people have found a great deal of success by sliding back to where they are comfortable with a lower setting.

The higher the setting, the brighter your screen will appear. The lower the setting, the dimmer your screen will appear. Those who prefer or need a lower screen setting can save eyestrain (and money! Glasses are expensive!) and work late into the night by keeping their screen on a setting in which it is easier for them to see and work.
Putting the browser out of night mode is simple. Just click the little moon. UC Browser is easy to use and offers many features like the Night Mode setting.

How Night Mode Helps

UC Browser application users appreciate Night Mode to help better illuminate a screen while browsing the web or looking for something on their phones or devices. Users who may be working late or who are working or browsing in dimply lit areas can enable night mode to help save their eyesight as well as better illuminate their screen. UC Browser users especially appreciate the way they can adjust their night mode settings to exactly what they need. One of the many benefits of UC Browser is that users can customize their browsing experience to suit them and their needs, whether they are working in broad daylight outside, working late at night at home (perfect for night mode—you won’t disturb your partner while working in bed) or simply browsing on their phones or devices while out with friends at night.
Mobile devices are handy to have, whether out by yourself or with a crowd. They help keep people connected and help people in emergency situations. UC Browser users can further enhance not only their lives, but their browsing experiences when using UC Browser application in Night Mode.

UC Browser is one of the safest, most secure, and most customizable third-party browsers available for people to use on their phones. It not only features Night Mode, but many other great modes and applications to help users save time, money, and energy. Keep reading for more tips for UC Browser!

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