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How to enable ad-blocker in UC Browser

UC Browser adblock technology is ideal for those who love their mobiles but hate all those irritating pop-ups ads that contain nastiness such as malware, spyware, and features that compromise your identity. Some ads are just annoying and users want to avoid them altogether. This is where UC Browser app ad-blocker comes in!

How to Enable UC Browser Adblock on Your Mobile Device

Download and install UC Browser

How to enable ad-blocker in uc browser
Download and install UC Browser


Open the Ad-Blocker

How to enable ad-blocker in uc browser
Open the Ad-Blocker

Slide to enable

Note that there is a CLEAR DATA option, which allows users to clear all the data of the ads that have been blocked. Adblock also includes a pop-up blocker and a page ad blocker, which is extremely helpful when those full-page advertisements block everything on a screen.
Should users choose to disable the Ad-block software, they simply slide in the opposite direction. Adblock is one of UC Browser’s most powerful and popular features. There are instances in which people may choose to disable the adblock software, but it is often better—for the user, for the device, and for the user’s data.

UC Browser Ad-block in three easy steps is the fastest and easiest way to keep your mobile device running safely, smoothly, and securely while browsing the web. Advertisements can be a slight irritant and some may even contain hidden viruses, spyware or malware that many users don’t know about until it’s far too late and their phones become very expensive bricks. No one needs an expensive brick. Don’t let ads irritate you by blocking them before they even reach your phone.

Some people may choose to disable the ad-blocker, but many more prefer to use it. Some advertisements contain more than just advertisements. Some are saddled with viruses, malware, spyware, and other unsavory and unsafe “extras” that put your security and identity at risk. No one wants their identity compromised simply by using their phone to download a video or even check their Facebook page. This is where UC Browser’s ad-blocker can help. By blocking advertisements, users don’t have to worry about identity theft, ads, or malware. Not all ads are bad, but they can be an annoyance. Why not by-pass advertisements altogether, with UC Browser’s ad-blocker?

Unless ads are truly tailored to the user’s interests and needs, it really is best to keep the Adblock software enabled. With a built-in pop-up blocker and full page ads being banished from a device before they even get there, UC Browser adblock is something that should be featured on every mobile device, no matter where the user may be located. With UC Browser adblock, those horribly irritating pop-ups and full-page advertisements don’t stand a chance.

UC Browser is fast becoming the leading third-party browser alternative for those who want something besides what is already available. With UC Browser ad-block, UC Browser makes surfing the web safer! Download UC Browser today!

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