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UC Browser is a fast, reliable download that allows you to search the web and stream videos simultaneously. UC Browser’s stable interface allows you to download videos, surf the web, and even listen to music while you’re on the go! You can control your downloads with gestures, and UC Browser’s Adblock software allows you to use the web uninterrupted. UC Browser has video and music for all tastes, and their Facebook mode helps you keep up with family and friends anywhere. You can even change wallpapers and themes for your device using the UC Browser! When using Incognito mode, UC Browser keeps your data and private information safe and secure while on the go. UC Browser even helps you save time and money by using their fast mode! UC Browser download now!

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UC Browser has been developed by UC Web, Inc., and is suitable for everyone to use. It features a fast mode that allows for smoothing, flowing navigation that compresses data, keeping your personal information safe and away from prying eyes. UC Browser allows users to surf the web and download videos simultaneously, and Facebook mode helps users keep in touch with friends and family via their mobile device, no matter where they might be.

Why waste your time clicking through ads when you can skip them altogether? Adblock control helps users keep their data safe and helps to speed up browsing.

Your musical and video tastes are eclectic. UC Browser’s developers understand this! It’s why UC Browser offers a unique and diversified collection of video and music downloads that you can download anytime, anywhere, from wherever you are! Our music library is currently only available in India, but this may change with customer feedback! Users can control their videos and downloads with gestures, and the fast and stable interface guarantees virtually no lag time or skipping when things download.
Our wallpaper and themes gallery allows you to choose any background or can imagine to truly express your sense of style.

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With UC Browser, you’ll never miss anything ever again. Every score, every song, every video, every hot piece of celeb gossip—it’s all here, and it’s right at your fingertips on your mobile phone—every mobile phone! Our download is free—always has been, always will be, and it is faster, more stable, and more reliable than that of our competition!

What are you waiting for? Videos, Facebook, an award-winning newsfeed service, fast and secure browsing with flowing navigation, an ad-blocker, a music service, and millions of wallpapers and themes to help you customize your device—UC Browser is your dream come true! UC Browser download today!